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5 days ago

"Why We Work" is a 2 minute film about the work of Todd Saunders.


The film is about a new app called DUET for the apple ipad.

Below are some words from the producer of the film:

"At Duet, we build because we want to empower people to work faster and do more, wherever they are. And we believe that by making incredibly simple, intuitive and flexible tools we can enable others to pursue their best work.

But to actually design and engineer the best tools, we think it’s essential to understand why we work. To understand why the professionals that inspire us do what they do. We learn a lot from that, and we want to share those answers with others.

We are honored to be able to ask Architect, Todd Saunders those very questions in this documentary. And to capture the beautiful landscapes that surround his projects. From the sea worn Fogo Island, to the Fjords in Aurland and his beautiful home and studio in Bergen, Norway. While the video captures only a slice of the thoughtfulness and craft that Saunders and his team put into Architecture, we believe the insights that resonated with us will do the same for other Architects and creators as well."

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Duet is made to empower great work To craft the best tools for creative professionals, we think it's important to understand what drives excellent work We in...

7 days ago

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2 weeks ago

"Arkitektens hjem" featuring Todd Saunders will be on NRK TV tonight at 20:55 ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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We Are An A+Award Jury Winner! Fogo Island Artist Studios is the A+Award Jury Winner in the Plus Categories | Concepts: Architecture +Art category.

"This is an unparalleled honor. With entries from over 100 countries, your work truly represents the best of architecture worldwide. The Architizer A+ Jury Winner is selected by our illustrious jury, comprising equal parts architects+designers, cultural thought leaders and developers."

The Architizer A+Awards Gala, where winners receive awards, will be held in NYC May 12, 2016.
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1 month ago

Monocle magazine made a short 6 minute film about Todd Saunders and his work on Fogo Island. See link. monocle.com/film/design/fogo-island-part-2-architecture/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The%20Mono... ... See MoreSee Less

New architecture is a powerful way to brand a location but it’s not without risk when the local area is already rich in tradition and natural beauty. Monocle films journeyed to the remote island of ...

2 months ago

Did you vote for us at architizerawards.com/vote yet? #ArchitizerAwards (architizerawards.com/vote) We’re an A+Awards finalist in these three categories; Typology Categories - Hospitality - Hotels & Resorts, Plus Categories - Concepts - Architecture +Art and Plus Categories - Details - Architecture +Wood. You can help us win by voting for us. Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago