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Aaland Summerhouse

Summerhouse Aaland was designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen in the Fall of 2002. This house takes the form of a continuous, long, folded wooden structure that incorporates all the functions of the house. Here we created a clear folding structure that flows up, down, over and under. This structure transformed into all the house elements: walls, floor, roof, seating and roof terrace. The house is created with ecological ambition: it is insulated with linseed fibres and the exterior wood is treated with natural oils. All the wood is from a local sawmill. The house is built on pillars allowing us not to cut any roots or trees.

Credits: Todd SaundersĀ and Tommie Wilhelmsen

  • Size45
  • LocationAaland, Finland
  • StatusCompleted 2002